It's Time to Go

It's Time to Go

I want something more. I want to travel, and see beautiful things, and to climb peaks, and to meet happy people. 

But there's more... I want to live amongst my fellow humans. I want to see how others fish. I want to find a way to be happy, while giving at least a little back. I want to contribute to something. 

And if I'm being really, really honest...

I want a good, warm sleeping bag, too! I want a comfortable tshirt, I want a well-designed pack to carry my stuff around the world.

So. How do I do all of that? There is no easy answer, but this is my start. Amateur Adventurers & Co. is a caffeine-fueled idea that Parker & Smith dreamed up during a road trip on the Denali highway in Alaska. We live far apart from each other now, and we wanted a way (blog? letters? podcast?) to share photos and stories of our adventures. From this idea grew a sort of "general store" filled with only the essentials - Gear and clothing designed carefully, and then curated for modern adventurers. 


Have a look around the shop, and let me know if you have any questions or stories to share. I'll post more here when I can with some specific reviews. 

Travel on.


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